Arabella, even though she’s only sixteen finds a way to speak maturely about her outlook on life, relationships, and the future. “I don’t know what the future holds, but why would I not pave the way with gold?" from her song My Medals, really sums-up the metanarrative of her debut EP.   

Growing up in a home of five children, Arabella was introduced to a wide-array of music early in life. "Music was always the back drop of my home life. After a family dinner we'd spend time with each other while Elton John, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or Norah Jones kept the atmosphere creative." 

Growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi has allowed her to express herself in a genuine way without being influenced too strongly by expectations from a music industry pushing out carbon copies of the previous model year-after-year. “I want to articulate what other people are feeling, even if they don’t know how to say it,” Arabella said in a recent interview. We’re glad to have her doing that too. Sadly, the modern pop machine speaks mostly of sexual content through elementary lines being repeated until the listener is beaten into submission. With Arabella, you’ll hear echos of Adele, The Chainsmokers, and Amy Winehouse, but it’s still different. Modern, but fresh. She also brings something wonderfully unassuming to her art. Clearly she has the makings of greatness while maintaining the ability to be real and relatable.

Her self-titled project requests little from the listener initially, other than to sit back and enjoy the creative melodies and the pleasing tone of her voice. Yet, while you’re left humming the catchy songs during your day, the lyrics slowly start to pry and make you think. Showing a lot of lyrical maturity for someone her age. From big power pop songs like “Done” and “We’ll See,” to more specious arrangements like “Song 6” and “Medals,” it’s a wonderful listening experience.

Though still in her teens, Arabella, proves she can hang with the seasoned professionals. Releasing her first EP in the fall of 2017 is just the start. It’s exciting to think what we could see from this brilliant talent over the next few years.